Urgent Care of Oconee

Due to patient volume, our last patient of the day needs to register one hour before the close of clinic for regular visits.   During the week, we close at 7:30pm in Athens and Watkinsville and 7pm in Madison, therefore, our last patient of the day needs to be register by 6:30pm in Athens and Watkinsville and 6pm in Madison.  On the weekends, it is 5pm for all locations.

We will continue to see true emergencies and immediate urgent injuries until the close of clinic each day.  Emergencies are defined as an unexpected, immediate medical need: injuries (fractures or lacerations), cardiac events, shortness of breath, anaphylactic/allergy event.

We thank you so much for your patience and understanding!  If you have questions or comments, please email us.  We are happy to discuss this new policy with you.  Please help us take care of you, while taking care of our staff.  Thank you!

Urgent Care

We deliver patient-focused care in the Athens, Madison and Watkinsville communities


Only Urgent Care in the Area with a State Certified Complexity Lab

The Urgent Care of Oconee is the only Urgent Care in the area with a state certified moderate complexity lab on site with a full-time lab technician. This uniquely allows us to offer point-of-care testing to our patients: Rapid Antigen Flu Tests; Rapid Antigen COVID tests; Molecular PCR testing for COVID, Influenza and RSV (40 Minute Results), and Strep (25 minute results); Complete Blood Count (CBC); and Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP).

Urgent Care Services in Athens, Madison  & Watkinsville

Urgent Care Services in Athens, Madison & Watkinsville

At Urgent Care of Oconee, we specialize in Urgent Care, Biologic Treatments, Primary Care Sports Medicine and Occupational Medicine.

We offer in house x-ray and lab services.    With an experienced staff of Family Practice, Emergency Medicine and Orthopedic trained providers, Urgent Care of Oconee offers a less expensive alternative to the Emergency Room.

Board Certified Clinicians

Urgent Care of Oconee provides board certified clinicians when your physician's office is closed or unable to provide an appointment.  We deliver the best care with professional and friendly services at a time convenient to you and your family.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to deliver patient focused care with professional, friendly services in a timely manner, convenient, to you and your family for your immediate health needs in our community.  No one wants to be ill or hurt, but when you or one of your family members are, let us take care of you.

Urgent Care of Oconee

Our Services

  • Urgent care
  • In-House Moderate Complexity lab
  • In-House X-Ray
  • Biologic treatments
  • Platelet rich plasma therapy
  • Stem cell treatment
  • Primary Care sports medicine
  • Medical clearance for foreign travel
  • Occupational Medicine
Urgent Care of Oconee

Our Locations

Urgent Care of Oconee is conveniently located in Watkinsville at Butler's Crossing in the Publix Shopping Center, in Madison in the Harbor Freight Shopping Center, and a new location in Athens located at 2375 West Broad Street

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