Covid 19



The following are symptoms of COVID-19:
-Body Aches -Congestion -Cough -Fever
-Headache -Loss Taste/Smell -Nausea/Vomiting -Shortness of Breath

If you are asymptomatic but need a COVID test due to exposure or for work, travel, etc, you may come inside the clinic to be tested. You will still be required to make an appointment..
Depending on the volume of walk-ins at the time of your arrival, you may be asked to wait in your car until a room in available.


Monday - Friday = 8:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday = 11:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday = 12:00pm - 4:00pm

We are testing our SYMPTOMATIC COVID patients outside.  If bad weather becomes an issue, for the safety of our staff and patients, we will stop testing until the weather has passed. 


As of June, 2020, we are offering three Covid-19 tests in the clinic.

-Rapid Antigen Test: nasal swab with result in 20 minutes.
-Rapid Antibody Test:blood draw with result in 20 minutes.
-PCR Molecular Test: Nasal Swab is sent to a lab facility. We have results within 3-5 days, on average.

Insurance Coverage and Fees

Please click on the link for a list of accepted insurance plans. You may call the clinic with questions regarding insurance.

*Urgent Care of Oconee offers COVID testing along with a consult from a provider.
Patients will be treated for their symptoms whether or not the test is positive.
*We will collect any copays that are due at the time of service.
*Some insurances are covering COVID-19 testing at 100%. Once reimbursement is received from insurance,
you may then receive a refund from UCO by check.

*Self Pay Fees include: $150 office visit and $60 COVID test. Any additional treatment will result in addition charges. Please view our Self Pay Fee Schedule under Patient Resources.


  • Do not enter the clinic if you are experiencing symptoms of flu or COVID-19
  • Park in a parking space and let us know that you have arrived

Coronavirus Disease 2019

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There are three types of lab testing methods/platforms available, which detect the virus in different ways:

·       Molecular

·       Viral antigen

·       Host antibody tests (serology

During the rise of Viral RNA and Viral Antigen levels, a molecular (PCR or isothermal nucleic acid amplification based) or viral antigen test detects the presence of the virus. Often times, these molecular and viral antigen tests can be used as the primary basis for diagnosing your patient’s condition. Rather than going through the normal approval process, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is permitting all COVID-19 molecular and viral antigen tests to be cleared through its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process during the pandemic.


Host antibody (serology) tests detect the IgM and IgG antibodies that indicate your patient has developed an immune response to the virus. Typically, the results of these tests are not used as the sole basis for your diagnosis. Because of their complementary role, FDA is permitting COVID-19 serology tests to be brought to market without any formal FDA review (at minimum, a manufacturer must notify FDA that its test has been validated).