Covid 19

COVID Testing Information

  • The following are symptoms of COVID 19:
    - Aches, Congestion, Cough, Fever, Headache, Loss of Taste/Smell, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat
  • We are testing our SYMPTOMATIC and ASYMPTOMATIC COVID patients outside.  If bad weather becomes an issue, for the safety of our staff and patients, we will stop testing until the weather has passed
  • As of June, 2020, we are offering three Covid-19 tests in the clinic.
    -Rapid Antigen Test: nasal swab with result in 20 minutes.
    -Rapid Antibody Test:blood draw with result in 20 minutes.
    -CEPHEID PCR Molecular Test: Nasal Swab with results in 40 minutes

COVID Testing Insurance Coverage and Fees

Please click on the link for a list of accepted insurance plans. You may call the clinic with questions regarding insurance.

*Urgent Care of Oconee offers COVID testing along with a consult from a provider.
Patients will be treated for their symptoms whether or not the test is positive.
*We will collect any copays that are due at the time of service.
*The rapid PCR test for the purpose of travel is $220. Insurance is not filed for these.

*Self Pay Fees include: $150 office visit and $60 COVID test. Any additional treatment will result in addition charges. Please view our Self Pay Fee Schedule under Patient Resources.